The society is filled with people who are ignorant of their potentials and full capacity. A car packed in a garage looks like a heavy metal and useless object because the observer has little or no knowledge of the object. Little does the observer know that the car can run at a very high speed and convey him to a desired location. When you add 2 plus 2 it gives 4 but it doesn’t end there you can add more numbers and get bigger endless numbers arithmetically or geometrically as you so desire.

You cannot settle for less if you really want a spot at the top. No amount of right effort is too much for a desired target/aim in life. No amount of right input is too much to realize your dream. The only problem is you dream too small. Many people attend events and cheer the people on the stage. How about being on the stage what exactly does it take that you cannot achieve? It is a new year, a blank cheque given to you to fill the amount you want. You can only cash out the amount you write on it.

Then again the bigger the crown the bigger the cross. You don’t expect to have a great success story when you are not ready to persevere when the disappointments and pressures of life hit hard on you. When it gets tough the tough gets going.

The understanding that nothing is impossible and that you can achieve anything gives you an edge over your peers. Never conform to the flow of the society for they will drag you down to their level.

So the question comes again “why be a king when you can be a god?” Why will you settle for less when you harbor a million dollar idea in your head? Like the saying goes the wealthiest place in the world is the grave yard because there many ideas were buried with dead people that never brought them out.

You owe your generations to come greatness and success, a model to look up to, a well to draw inspiration from.

So don’t settle for less in 2017, “do not be a king when you can be a god.”