There was chaos on Monday on Mojeed Sanni Street, in the Igando area of Lagos State, after a 40-year-old Hausa trader, Ibrahim Adamu, allegedly killed a bus driver, Lekan Adeleke.

Some residents and friends of the victim made a bonfire on the road as they chased away Hausa traders in the community, threatening to avenge the killing.

The men were on the rampage when policemen from the Igando division, led by the Divisional Police Officer, Olatunji Ajimuda, stormed the area.

The police team reportedly took Adeleke’s corpse to a mortuary, while the suspect, who was saved from being mobbed to death, was taken to the Area M command.

It was gathered that the deceased had bought noodles worth N230 from the suspect’s son on Sunday around 10.30pm.

He was reported to have paid N200 and promised to pay the balance of N30 the following day, which didn’t go down well with the suspect’s son.

The son allegedly reported to his father, Adamu, who became angry and attacked 30-year-old Adeleke with a spiked plank.

The victim reportedly slumped and hit his head against the concrete edge of a gutter in the area.

A friend of the victim, Kehinde Akinduro, said Adamu had a kiosk where he sold confectioneries, while the son sold noodles beside the kiosk.

He explained that Adeleke had actually paid the balance of N30 to the suspect’s son.

He said the suspect, speaking in Hausa, asked his son to flee in another direction.

The mob was said to have destroyed Adamu’s kiosk and set it on fire.