Just as the popular saying goes “Time is Money”, Time is a very important element in our day to day activities. the amount of achievements you get in life are mostly determined by how much time you invested. To be perfect at a skill you have to invest time and hours practice.

Africans are very hardworking set of people as they are endowed with strength creativity, potentials, wisdom, in all ramification a blessed people. But over the years they have developed a poor habit which has grown to be an attitude and in turn a culture which they have all grown to embrace and live by.

This culture is their poor attitude towards keeping to time.Africans find it very hard to keep and make appointments. This is the origin of the phrase “African Time”. They have redefined time and attached a strong word called “African” to it.

Many people have missed opportunities in life because they failed to keep to time. n interview is scheduled for 10:00 and you come by 10:45. A wedding reception is scheduled for 2:00pm and you attend by 4:00pm because you want people to notice you while you step in. A story has it of a young guy who is a tech developer who was invited to a meeting by an investor and this guy was given a 12:00 appointment and he came by 12:15 and by the time he got there the investors had gone and he lost an opportunity worth millions. His excuse was traffic and no bus. But in cases like this excuses are intolerable.

If you are supposed to be at a particular place you must try and leave for the place two hours before time so as to meet up. Most times it’s a credit when you arrive hours before the people, you never know who’s watching.


We have given Africa a very bad image with and that’s why people don’t like working with youths cause of their poor attitude to time. When you keep to time it sets you out of the crowd and draws opportunities and business ventures to you. Most times all you need to qualify for a particular thing can be your punctuality. Develop a new culture, show up at events, appointments, hours before time and seize opportunities.