vancouver-laughing-men-statues-in-english-bay-3Children are said to laugh a lot more than adults do: an average baby laughs up to 300-400 times a day compared to an adult laughing only 15-20 times a day. Different things make different people laugh and it also a mechanism every human has. It is part of us (unless of course sadists who hardly find anything funny , if you know one, pray for them) Even babies have the ability to laugh before they can talk. Laughter has proven to be very beneficial to human health as it helps in the reduction of stress hormones and also when laughing, the brain releases some hormones  which help to relieve physical pain.

Laughter is one of the best  consolations for any sickness, no matter how sick someone is, try to make them  laugh, it will really help to ease the depression. It has heen used as therapy by some doctors for years because it is a natural form of medicine  which is readily available to anyone  and everyone and it has its manifestations on a person’s physical, emotional and social wellbeing. Personally, I love laughing a  lot and  that is why I love having funny  people  around me. Some of the emotional benefits of laughing include reducing anxiety or  fear, improving overall mood and adding joy to one’s life. Socially, laughing  makes you look attractive, strengthens relationships, improves teamwork and reduces conflicts with  others.

Shared laughter is one  of the  most  effective  tools for keeping relationships fresh and exciting, it is a powerful way to heal resentments, disagreements and  misunderstandings; laughter unites people during difficult times. Humour in relationships allows one to be more spontaneous, forgive judgements, criticisms and  doubts and express their true feelings.

There are a few  tips to help you guys out there  always remember to smile or laugh;

– Count your blessings : consider  the good things in your life and be grateful for them.

-Distance yourself from negative and depressing thougts or situations.

-When  you  hear laughter, move towards it and try to join the fun.

-Spend more  time with playful, positive people who only look on the bright  side of life (just like I do!) These are the  people who easily laugh at themselves and at life’s absurdities.

-Always try to bring  humour into conversations with other people.

Laughter is food for the  soul, it nourishes the body and keeps the spirit alive. So if you find any reason at all to laugh or smile and be  happy, do not hesitate. Just keep laughing.