A friendship is a bond between two more  people which brings them closer together. Friendships make life easier and less depressing, although some people are natural loners who don’t  necessarily need people  around them, a greater percentage of us depend higly on the company of our friends. This particular  concept differs to different people. Some see it as trusting someone so much that they won’t hurt you or a lifelong committment to each other, others see it  as just a normal companionship. This concept is not one sided and most people are good at getting it wrong. It involves two or more people and both  parties have to be interested in  taking care of that bond or that connection for it to  surivive. When only one person is making effort to keep it going, it is very likely to wither and die. It is necessary that you build a friendship with  someone who is emotionally and psychologically compatible with you. That is, someone who the same things that  appeal to you do same to them. Common interests draw people closer to start  friendships with each other and that is why you see people who are not romantically linked together enjoying  an activity together. Experiences could also bring people close to each other especially when that experience is a difficult one.

Someone you call your  friend should be a person whose influence has positive results on your well being and in all that you do. He or she is supposed to  inspire, motivate and constructively criticize you when you’re falling behind. However, a lot of people misunderstand this concept and cannot be sure when harmful or toxic peope come into their lives under the guise  of friends. Friendships that stand the test of time are very essential and  a very important rule to building and keeping lasting friendships is ;be the kind of friend you want. There is almost always a tendency of us attracting people of like minds  as ourselves, people whose  characters, attitudes and ideas mirror ours. There is no need to be that person you think other people want you to be.  Regardless  of your interests, you will definitely find people who accept you as a friend. Just be yourself and don’t conform to what you think is acceptable, rather, socialize in areas you take interest in, surf the internet and find people that share your  interests or those more advanced than you are so you could learn a thing or two from  them.

Friendships are one of the things that give  life its meaning, so I want you guys to have it in mind that if you have a true friendship with someone, it is a priceless treasure and you should really  appreciate it.